Learn more about Link Mosaic

The idea of LinkMosaic came to me one day in 2005 when I have just returned to the USA form serving three years overseas implementing a project for a US based humanitarian organization.  It was around thanksgiving and I was shocked by the level of advertisement we are bombarded with during the holiday season to shop, shop, shop.  At the same time, I saw a report on CNN about how internet shopping was increasing so fast and how Google and Yahoo makes so much money just from linking you to online merchants through banners and links.  So I started to research for ways to capture the internet shopping power to support charities.

The ideas of a Link Mosaic was born, a place to have all your favorite online stores in one place, and at the same time offer you the deals and coupons that these stores offer to their selected affiliates who promote them.

Since then, with the help of visitors like you, I was able to translate our online shopping into donations to support many good causes and charities.  Merchants on the site pay back between 4-20% of the value of your transaction. Because it is a virtual-mall and not a Brick and Mortar mall, the running cost is so low that I am able to donate (95-100%) of the revenue generate on the site.

Every month I rely on you, the visitor of my site to nominate a cause. And at the end of the month the total revenue generated will be donated. As the site grows, we can explore other ways for our efforts to reach more charities. Thank you for the support, and please email me any comments, ideas and anything you want to know.

Imad Madanat